Oli Broadhead
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I am a 24-year-old amateur adventurer: by which, I mean that I occasionally use my free time and savings to undertake unusual journeys to unusual places. Along the way I have been known to film, photograph and write. The latter links into my day-job as a researcher and exhibit designer for the Eden Project in Cornwall (although I did manage to wheedle 6-months working remotely in Nairobi, Kenya). My previous expeditions include an attempted (read “failed”) first ascent of a remote Sumatran mountain, a biodiversity survey of a previously unresearched rainforest and two months spent walking coast to coast across South India - sleeping in fields frequented by tigers and facing the monsoon with no tent (my own fault).

I’ve given talks at the Royal Geographic Society, TEDx Edinburgh and the London Mountaineering Club, and written articles for magazines such as Sidetracked, National Geographic Kids, and Say Yes to Adventure.

Hopefully there’s more to come.

Contact: olibhead@gmail.com




“Oli's honesty, humour and personable nature meant that what could have been an inaccessible tale of distant adventure held a real relevance for all our audience. His charismatic presenting style made him a very popular speaker at our event.”


"Oli speaks with passion and enthusiasm about the diverse world that he has started to explore. He is evidently eager to push his boundaries further and passes on this passion to his audience. Oli is eloquent yet down-to-earth in the way he puts his inspiring stories across. He captivated our audience through his presentation and gave them confidence to believe that they could do something similar. His enthusiasm is infectious."

- Truro School