Oli Broadhead


Records of Brief Encounters


Rangers Without Borders

Poland // Lithuania - 2018

Investigating the working conditions of wildlife rangers and their collaboration across national borders. The European leg of the project focused on Białowieża National Park, one of the last fragments of primeval forest in Europe and a final stronghold of the European bison. The forest spans the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.


An Ode to Home

Cornwall - 2017

"By this point the light was beginning to fade and the water was changing from clear turquoise to milky blue, the sky tinted pink along with the ocean. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and clarity as I dipped my paddles into the water, one stroke after another, against the wide-open horizon."

Words by Helen Taylor, Sidetracked Magazine


Nias Island Spearfishermen

Sumatra - 2016

“Serenity flowed from the reclining fishermen. The outriggers soporific motion and the evening heat were hypnotically sedative. Wavelets lapped and slapped against the hull, their irregular rhythm an antidote to the even tick of internal timekeeping. Time was untethered, circadian rhythms decelerated, the mind faded into oblivion.”


Thousands of compressed-air divers fish the coastal waters of Indonesia. Breathing air from primitive compressors through 100m hoses, they pair long dives with short recovery periods, putting them at high risk of decompression sickness.